We are in trouble

We are in danger. We've never had a customer like her.

I wasn't even sure I wanted to post this but here goes nothing.

Yesterday we had a young lady come into the store with an air of toddlery bossiness. She demanded we pay attention to her and only her. Frankly we were quite terrified. She had wild gestures explaining what she wanted for her CTS-V (can she even drive? She's 23 months old. Who gave her a license? Must be Harris County).

It took us awhile but we were able to warm up to her. We showed her some wheels and tires that would fit her car but she seemed immune to the fitment numbers and sizes we were throwing out.

After a half hour of fearfully trying to figure out what she wanted we walked towards the end of the shop and she paused.

"I want that!"

We asked no questions and promptly mounted the wheels and tires on her CTS-V (seriously, can she even drive?).

We've never had a customer like this. She threw us for a loop. We are terrified of her coming into the shop again. The very throughout of her Napoleanesque demeanor chills is to the bone. We are in trouble.

If you see a 23 month old toddler rolling around in a black Cadillac CTS-V with @mrrwheels M228 gunmetal wheels and @nittotire Nitto Tires, try not looking her straight in the eyes. Her toddler cuteness may overtake your brain.

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