Getting closer to GRAND OPENING!

I am so freaking excited!

As we stock our store with equipment, tools, wheels, and tires, I can't help but think back to how I got here. Up until less than 2 weeks ago, I have been working for someone else to make them successful. But now I get to do things my way and hey, if I fail, at least I failed on my own terms.

One of the things I wanted to do at JACE AUTO is to dedicate time and money towards giving back to the community through charity and fundraising events. These will take place on Sundays since it's the only day we are not open.

Our first Charity is for Ernesto Bayoura.

Ernesto's story: Ernesto is a young, energetic, and inspiring human being who just turned 40 and unfortunately had a stroke 3 weeks ago. At 3 am, while he was laying in bed after a long day, he suddenly had a headache at the back of his head on the right side which felt like a brain freeze. The pain worsened and he thought it was just a migraine. He took 3 advil and when he stood up, he felt dizzy. He laid back down and woke up at 6am. When he stood up, the became really dizzy and also got nauseous.

He took a step with his right leg, and his but it gave out. He fell forward and landed on his bed post. He gathered himself, and tried to move but he felt so dizzy that he almost threw up. He woke up his girlfriend from sleep and was carried to the car. Since his grandmother had a stroke, he was afraid that he had a stroke. He headed into the Methodist Hospital emergency room and was found to have a blood clot in his back of his brain. He has lost a large portion of his vision. Since he had no medical insurance, he did not quality for a rehab facility due to incredible medical expenses. We are trying to help Ernesto with his expenses so that he and his family can have the help he needs to get back on the horse! Ernesto will be the featured recipient of our JACE GRAND OPENING FUNDRAISER and will be the inaugural beneficiary for our quarterly events! JACE feels proud to give back to our community! Here is the Go Fund Me link to donate to the cause!

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