An interview with our founder, John Coll.

1) What was the inspiration to start JACE? 

I have been in the automotive industry for quite some time now. Specifically the tire and wheel business for the last decade. There has always been a dark cloud hovering over this industry concerning poor customer service and quality of work. I wanted to provide a place where the customers feel safe knowing the job is done properly. At JACE we promise the best education, excellent customer service, outstanding value, and peace of mind.


2) How is JACE different from any other wheel and tire shop?

JACE is family. We take the time to educate every customer on the causes of common issues concerning their tires, and how to combat and prevent them in the future. We want our customers to feel connected, and to understand the reason behind the repair. At JACE we want every customer to leave our store knowing that their family is safe driving once the repair is complete.  


3) What are the most common misconceptions about your industry?

There is always a fear of being taken advantage of in the automotive industry. At JACE we are creating a new type of customer. One who is educated in the field and feels confident enough in their knowledge that they no longer have this fear. 


4) What is the mission of JACE?

My goal for JACE is to create a reputation of excellence. We want our customers to feel safe knowing that they will be well taken care of in our store. We want our brand to be associated with polite, knowledgeable individuals, who will have the best intentions in mind for our customer and their families vehicle.  


5) Where did you learn your craft?

During my time in this industry I have had the opportunity to work for one of the highest volume retail stores in the state of Texas. I have worked on all types of vehicles and have seen what works and what doesn't. In the custom aftermarket business the only way to find out if something works is to try it and adjust from there. Because of my experiences i am able to educate my wheel and tire fitment experts and skip the trial and error process. 


6) Why pick JACE over anyone else?

JACE team members are the most highly educated, compassionate, and caring wheel and tire fitment experts in the business.  Because of our experience we are able to guarantee fitment the first time, every time. We also actively educate our customers about their specific vehicles issues, options, and repairs to make sure there is a complete understanding of what is taking place during the repair.


7) Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is one who is not afraid to ask questions. Someone who is not only looking for a great price, but values the knowledge and expertise that we offer. I enjoy overcoming challenges, and love watching the moment when a skeptical customer realizes they came to the right place and we are who we say we are.


8) How do you ensure quality of your work?

At JACE quality is our number one priority. The level of care that we put into every one of our repairs is second to none. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and treating each one like family. To ensure quality, we have set systems in place to check, double check, and triple check every aspect of the repair before it leaves our facility.   


9) What you the most passionate about?

I am most passionate about honesty, customer service, and reputation. I dream of having a company where everyone who walks in the door knows they are going to be taken care of. A safe place where a father can send his daughter knowing she will be treated with the respect she deserves and get the same great value as if he were standing beside her. 


10) Who inspired you to create JACE?

My father is the inspiration behind this company. My father did everything in his power to educate my brother and I on the value of a job well done. My father proudly served this country for 23 years, and always went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure things were done properly. When my father completed a project, rest assured there was no stone un-turned, no corners cut, and every single nut and bolt was tightened down to factory specifications.